The key of dreams

What shape is the sea?
What shape is a ghost?
And an ice cream?
What about the alphabet? Or a mess?

One day we tried to give a shape to all these words and we printed them on some colorfull stickers.

We wanted to find a way to give them a proper value and one early morning, at dawn, we biked ‘till a white TukTuk that was parked in the streets of Barcelona and we filled it with shapes and colors.

We didn’t know who was the owner of that car and we didn’t ask for any permission.

We just did it, embracing our idea of provoking poetic actions around the city.

Some weeks later, the owner found us and reached out to thanks us because he loves it! 

We are glad that now that TukTuk is proudly crusing the streets of Barcelona.

Maybe if you cross you might find out the shapes we gave to those words ;)