AEIOU is a language that defines itself through the creation of empyrean experiences, scenographies, installations, videos, murals, public interventions and any other field or surface that might need an unconventional approach.

AEIOU writes stories and make them tangible.

AEIOU hacks the urban space through poetic acts that aim to engage with people, providing unexpected installations and communitary projects.

AEIOU is based in Barcelona.

In order to keep on dreaming, AEIOU also generate a vast range of handmade and unique pieces that cross the border of reality and chase the honiric.

AEIOU dreams about:
- hanging swings around the city
- paint the candy shop of an old lady in Barcelona

- set up an exposition in a supermarket

- build a kiddie rider
- design a playground for adults
- hanging flags on random trees and run away
- collaborate with old ladies to design unique t-shirts

- design an inflatable structure

- build a hut in the middle of the city

- buy a TukTuk and provide taxi service